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Breast Cancer


Breast cancer is the one of the commonest malignancies afflicting women. In some parts it is the most common malignancy. It is currently estimated that one in 14 of all female children born will develop breast cancer in their lifetime.

Breast Cancer Symptoms

Following abnormalities in the breast anatomy are suggestive breast cancer symptoms:

  • Unusual swelling of all or one specific part of the breast
  • Continuous skin irritation or dimpling
  • Persisting pain in breast
  • Persisting nipple pain or inversion of nipple
  • Inflammation or thickening of the nipple or breast skin
  • An unusual discharge from the nipple other than breast milk
  • Lump in the underarm area

Breast Cancer Causes

Despite extensive investigation into the cause of breast cancer there is still no known cause. However, a combination of environmental factors and genetic mutations are thought to be responsible for this cancer. In familial breast cancers, a molecular change in the genes BRCA1 and BRCA2 play a major role in the onset of the disease.

Many breast cancers are sensitive to the hormone estrogen. This means that estrogen causes the breast cancer tumor to grow. Such cancers have estrogen receptors on the surface of their cells. They are called estrogen receptor-positive cancer or ER-positive cancer.

An Alternate to breast reduction surgery is Cute-B Breast reduction capsule.

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Cute-B is breast reduction is a safe alternative to breast reduction surgery. Cute-B breast reduction surgery has helped many women obtain smaller breasts naturally. Cute-B breast reduction works with your body helping it burn excess tissue within the mammary glands. Cute-B , developed under the direction of nutritionists and doctors, has been shown to target these cells and reduce them in both size and quantity. Cute-B is made from all herbs so you won’t experience any side effects. The beauty of Cute-B is you will not get scarring and you won’t lose the ability to breastfeed. Cute-B begins working from 2 week. Women have reported noticeable breast reduction and firmness after 2 weeks. Most ladies achieve desired results within 8 months. Simply keep taking Cute-B until you reach your desired breast size. Simply take two Cute-B Capsule per day for best results. We recommend taking each capsule with a large glass of water. The herbs must to be hydrated into your system to achieve the best results.

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