Penis Enlargement Methods

The Big Question
Are you being taken for a ride? Are these ‘cures’ effective? And, more fundamental, does size matter? Pankaj Relan, a expert based in Australia gives you the truth about selling big penis dreams.

First things first. Let’s clear the air about penis enlargement. No myths, no legends.

Will the pills, creams, exercises, surgery and jelging actually work?

Pills : There are lots of herbal products e.g. Vimax Pills , VigRx, Prosolution Pills and many more available are advertised with lots of claims that they increase the size and girth of penis, but in view of the anatomy it seems to be difficult to explain it would be working. But there still are isolated reports that suggest that these herbal products work. It needs to be remembered that all these products also cause some side effects and they mainly occur because of excess blood flow to various organs or due to the “blood steeling effects” from the heart.
Creams : These seem a bit more reasonable, as they are targeted to the penis, but anything rubbed onto the penis is going to be carried away from the penis by the blood stream before it could get to the tunica albuginea or the spongy bodies. In fact, this has been a major hurdle for drug companies trying to find an impotence cure that can be rubbed on rather than injected. So far the best solution the drug companies have found is to insert the drug into the urethra
Surgery : There are two techniques that doctors can perform that do actually add size, but both are full of risks. For more length a doctor can cut the ligaments that attach the penis to the pelvic bone, and then move the penis outward some. This gains a man only about an inch, risks infection, and can leave the penis less stable because it’s no longer anchored. For more width, fat can be injected into the penis. Unfortunately the fat does not stay put, and it can become lumpy or gradually leave the penis.
Still, given the theoretical possibility, and the lack of independently verified studies of any of these techniques, there is no valid science to support saying these methods don’t work. On the other hand, there is also no valid science to support saying the methods do work.
What has also not been determined is if these methods can cause any permanent harm. Some urologist have voiced concerns about scaring, nerve damage, damage to the blood vessels, and Peyronie’s disease (bent penis syndrome). While there are isolated claims of such damage, the evidence to date is far from conclusive. In time we will know if these methods are safe or harmful, but it will take two decades to conclusively prove safety, and if it’s not safe what will those who went ahead and tried these methods do then?