Penis Enlargement Patch

Penis enlargement patch increase testosterone concentration in the body by stimulating physiological systems.

It acts through the transdermal route and the herbal constituents undergo negligent first pass metabolism in the liver.

Penis enlargement patch herbs promote general health by acting against free radicals generated from metabolic oxidation in the cells of the body.

The application of hormone replacement therapy in women has initiated many side effects. It has been related to the incidence of uterine cancer in certain number of women.

Sex hormones and orgasmic ability

Artificial supplementation of sex hormones can have significant effects on primary organs of the body like the heart, endocrinal structures, gastrointestinal system and the gonads. There is the risk to incidence of prostrate cancer in men with testosterone replacement therapy. Penis enlargement patch herbs increase the concentration of natural testosterone in the body unlike artificial supplements.

Diminishing hormone levels have been acted upon with pharmacological drugs to delay sexual aging. The anticipated health risks from estrogen replacement therapy in women have been scientifically established.