What is HIV and AIDS?

The word HIV stands for Human Immune Deficiency Virus and AIDS stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Virus. The HIV is a viral that uses the nutrients and energy provided by the human cells to grow and reproduces to infect the human cells. AIDS is the next final stage of HIV which makes breakdowns the immune system of the human body and makes unable to fight against infections or the other illness. But sometimes it takes decade or two to turn out from HIV to AIDS if the person has started to undergo the medical care. The symptoms may not be seen for years together to some they may get it later also.

A Breakthrough Achieved in Anti-AIDS Medicine

A new kind of Anti-AIDS Unani medicine “AIDS-NIL” developed by Ayurvedic Cure has for the first time made a big way ahead in clinical practice. The experiment has further proved that the “AIDS-NIL” is not only safe and effective, but also without any side-effect harmful to patients as displayed in other medicine of the same kind. Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome or Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) is a collection of symptoms and infections resulting from the specific damage to the immune system caused by the Human Immune Deficiency Virus (HIV).

HIV (Human Immune Deficiency Virus) infection has now spread to every country in the world and has infected more than 40 million people worldwide as of the end of 2003. More than 1.1 million people in the United States have been infected with HIV. The scourge of HIV has been particularly devastating in Sub-Saharan Africa. The proportion of adult women among those infected with HIV is increasing.

HIV: A lentivirus of a subgroup of retroviruses, HIV causes AIDS. The virus kills or damages cells of the body’s immune system. HIV progressively destroys the body’s ability to fight infections and certain cancers. People diagnosed with AIDS may develop life-threatening diseases from viruses or bacteria that rarely make healthy people sick. These infections are called opportunistic infections.

AIDS: Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome was first recognized in 1981 in New York City. The epidemic is growing most rapidly among minority populations. The virus was identified in 1983. A diagnostic blood test was developed in 1985.

Early Symptoms of HIV infection

Many people do not develop any symptoms when they first become infected with HIV. Some people, however, get a flu-like illness within three to six weeks after exposure to the virus. This illness, called Acute HIV Syndrome, may include fever, headache, tiredness, nausea, diarrhea and enlarged lymph nodes (organs of the immune system that can be felt in the neck, armpits and groin). These symptoms usually disappear within a week to a month and are often mistaken for another viral infection.

During this period, the quantity of the virus in the body will be high and it spreads to different parts, particularly the lymphoid tissue. At this stage, the infected person is more likely to pass on the infection to others. The viral quantity then drops as the body’s immune system launches an orchestrated fight.

More persistent or severe symptoms may not surface for several years, even a decade or more, after HIV first enters the body in adults, or within two years in children born with the virus. This period of “asymptomatic” infection varies from individual to individual. Some people may begin to have symptoms as soon as a few months, while others may be symptom-free for more than 10 years. However, during the “asymptomatic” period, the virus will be actively multiplying, infecting, and killing cells of the immune system.

Later Symptoms of HIV/AIDS

1. Lack of energy
2. Weight loss
3. Frequent fevers and sweats
4. A thick, whitish coating of the tongue or mouth (thrush) that is caused by a yeast infection and sometimes accompanied by a sore throat.
5. Severe or recurring vaginal yeast infections
6. Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease or severe and frequent infections like herpes zoster
7. Periods of extreme and unexplained fatigue that may be combined with headaches, lightheadedness, and/or dizziness
8. Rapid loss of more than 10 pounds of weight that is not due to increased physical exercise or dieting
9. Bruising more easily than normal
10.Long-lasting bouts of diarrhoea
11.Swelling or hardening of glands located in the throat, armpit, or groin
12.Periods of continued, deep, dry coughing
13.Increasing shortness of breath
14.The appearance of discoloured or purplish growths on the skin or inside the mouth
15.Unexplained bleeding from growths on the skin, from mucous membranes, or from any opening in the body
16.Recurring or unusual skin rashes
17.Severe numbness or pain in the hands or feet, the loss of muscle control and reflex, paralysis or loss of muscular strength
18.An altered state of consciousness, personality change, or mental deterioration
19.Children may grow slowly or fall sick frequently. HIV positive persons are also found to be more vulnerable to some cancers.

Main Herbal Combinations Used In AIDS-NIL Herbal Capsule Are:

Tinospora Cordifolia25 mg
Gellidum Amansii25 mg
Withania somnifera25 mg
Berberis aristata25 mg
Azadirachta indica25 mg
Hydrocotyl asiatica25 mg
Glychyrrhiza glabra25 mg
Asparagus racemosus25 mg
Curcuma angustifolia25 mg
Tribulis terrestris25 mg
Artemisia absinthium25 mg
Rumex crispus25 mg
Hemidesmus indicus25 mg
Ocimum sanctum25 mg
Emblica officinalis25 mg
Natural Asphaltum25 mg
Cuminum cyminum25 mg
Nigella Sativa75 mg

AIDS-NIL Capsules will help you in prevention of HIV/AIDS

AIDS-NIL Capsule is a unani medicine for HIV/AIDS indication. Which help HIV/AIDS sufferers to get their CD4 back to normal number through a few weeks use This depends on the condition of their HIV/AIDS phase and if the sufferers also have had any opportunistic reactions.

This natural remedy available in form of Capsule. AIDS-NIL Capsule can kill the virus in human being body safely within a very brief period. Progress can be seen in 30-60 days (with regular usage of the right dose). Sufferers will need to have 30 to 60 capsules, two times daily after or before meals.

AIDS-NIL Capsule does not cause any side effect

If you would like to see the change that happens in a sufferer’s body, you can have a blood test one week after regular consumption of AIDS-NIL Capsule natural remedy. You can see clearly the difference of virus rate in the patient’s blood, before and after consuming the remedy. Consumption in high doses remains safe, and will not generate any side effect.

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AIDS-NIL Capsule works on our pioneering principle:-

• Inhibits viral multiplication.
• Augments production of CD4 lymphocytes cell.
• Immuno Restorative
• Treatment & Prophylaxis for Opportunistic Infections.
• Stimulate & sustain physiological activity in the body.

How AIDS-NIL Capsule acts for HIV/ AIDS:

• Decreases RNA viral load up to undetectable level.
• Increases CD4 Helper T cells.
• Tones up functions of vital organs of the body.
• Curtail the development of ailments.
• Reduce & stop the vulnerability to opportunistic infections.
• Not prone to Multi drug resistance.
• It is safe & free from side effects & contra-indications.
• Completely free from any of the injurious ingredients like lead or steroid.
• Immunity, vigour & vitality of the patient is restored enabling him to lead a productive energetic life.
• It is very efficacious as a prophylactic to prevent transmission of HIV virus from mother to foetus during pregnancy.