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Bitter Melon


Karela (Bitter Gourd) is a blood purifier, activates spleen and liver and highly beneficial for diabetic patients. The plant contains properties similar to insulin which helps in controlling blood and urine sugar. With Amla, It can be employed as : anti emetic, an anthelminthic, an astringent in, anti hemorrhoids, an antispasmodic and an antipyretic. There is absolutely no side effect, safe and can in fact be consumed by a healthy person also.Fruit is useful in diabetes and sub-acute cases of the spleen and liver. Fruit is useful in diabetes and sub-acute cases of the spleen and liver. Leaf juice is given in bilious affections.

Karela for Diabetes Mellitus

Following are the functions that karela performs in the body:

  • Helps in fighting Diabetes mellitus
  • Cures Infections
  • Evades blood impurity
  • Acts as a wonderful purgative
  • Performs the function of Anathematic
  • Treats Piles
  • Fights Skin diseases
  • Helps in curing Leprosy
  • Lowers Respiratory disorder
  • Helps in Alcoholism
  • Fights Cholera
  • Urinary Disorders
  • Excessive Thirst due to diarrhoea
  • Blood Purifying
  • Liver Problems
  • Fat Reducing
  • Activates Spleen

Karela is commonly referred to as bitter melon or bitter gourd and is extremely supportive in metabolism of carbohydrate. It is also helpful in increasing the body resistance as it contains high mineral and vitamin content. The fruit, also known as Bitter Gourd, is very bitter and is useful in gout, rheumatism and sub-acute cases of the spleen and liver. It purifies the blood and is useful in diabetes. At least three different groups of constituents in Bitter Melon have been reported to have hypoglycemic (blood sugar lowering) or other actions of potential benefit in diabetes mellitus. These include a mixture of steroidal saponins known as charantin, insulin-like peptides, and alkaloids. It is still unclear which of these is most effective or if all three work together. Nonetheless, Bitter Melon preparations have been shown to significantly improve glucose tolerance without increasing blood insulin levels, and to improve fasting blood glucose levels. Blood and urine sugar levels and post-prandial (after eating) blood glucose levels also fell. And as yet unidentified constituent in Bitter Melon also seems to inhibit the enzyme guanylate cyclase, which may benefit people with psoriasis.


Blood Impurities, Diabetes, Gout, Liver & Spleen Problems, Psoriasis and Rheumatism.
This product is not recommended if you are pregnant. Anyone with hypoglycemia should not take Bitter Gourd because this herb could possibly trigger or worsen low blood sugar (hypoglycemia). Furthermore, diabetics taking hypoglycemic drugs (such as chlorpropamide, glyburide, or phenformin) or insulin should use Bitter Gourd only under medical supervision, as it may potentiate the effectiveness of the drugs and lead to severe hypoglycemia.

Benefits of Karela

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  • Karela / Bitter Melon/ bitter gourd is extremely beneficial in treating Diabetes mellitus.
  • Karela / Bitter Melon/ bitter gourd helps in lowering blood sugar levels and also helps in suppressing sugar out flow in urine.
  • Karela / Bitter Melon/ bitter gourd help to attain supportive sugar regulating outcome by suppressing the neural retort to sweet taste stimuli.
  • Karela has exposed significant antilipolytic and lipogenic movement.
  • Bitter gourd is an outstanding blood purifier and helps in maintaining good and clear skin.
  • Bitter Melon treats worm infestations and also helps in evading parasitic attack.
  • Bitter gourd excite pancreas, spleen and liver and helps in admirable absorption of food in the GI tract.
  • Karela is helpful as an emetic, purgative, as an anthelmentic, in piles, and jaundice


One to two capsules two to three times a day later than meals or as directed by physician.

How Bitter Gourd Works?

The way it controls sugar is two-fold. First, Bitter Gourd acts as a mediator between the body’s cells and insulin already produced by the pancreas. Type II Diabetics and most people with high blood glucose levels still produce insulin, but in many cases their bodies have become resistant to it. Bitter Melon blocks the formation of glucose in the bloodstream and breaks down the barrier that prevents cells from using their own natural insulin. Second, this anti-diabetic supplement has been shown to help increase production of beta cells by the pancreas, thereby improving the body’s ability to produce and release insulin, while at the same time it may increase the number and activity of insulin receptors. Because it is believed that Bitter Gourd can improve glucose tolerance and help the body process blood sugars it has become the most widely used traditional remedy for Diabetes. More importantly, this supplement is believed safe and effective in part because it is grown and produced naturally, with no artificial additives or preservatives.

We have thousands of surveys completed by customers who have put our Karela (Bitter Gourd ) capsules to the test, the majority of which praise the outstanding results of this product. Blood sugars before using Bitter Gourd Capsules ranged anywhere from 120 to 300. After a trial period where consumers tried our supplement for two months, the average blood sugar dropped 30 to 50 points, with a significant number of people reporting a 60+ point drop, and some even reaching over a 100 point drop. What other dietary supplements cannot do for people who suffer from Diabetes, Karela (Bitter Gourd) Supplements DOES. Over 97% of the people who try Morpheme Bitter Gourd capsules purchase it again, and again, and again because this all – natural health product works.


I regularly use Natural Care Karela / Bittergourd product. I was very tired using chemical based products without any positive results but by using this herbal products I could see amazing results . .The quality of products are good . It helped to heal n increase my body immunity n resistance power too . I am well satisfied with products. Thanks and God bless.

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