Body Care Products and Herbal Supplements

Body Care:- Your personality depends more than just on your face. If you really want to look good, hold your shoulders back,exercise,manicure,padicure,beauty tips tighten your bottom, and straighten your back. Now look straight ahead at eye level so that your head is evenly poised above the spine and your skin is at right angles to your neck. Keep your shoulders straight by pushing your chest up & out to avoid a hunchback. Tuck in your tummy, because a bulging stomach is a feature of an unattractive posture. Initially you might have to make a conscious effort to maintain this posture but later on it will come naturally to you. All this will give you a graceful carriage and make you feel better fitter.

Your posture while you sit is also important. See that you sit in a suitable chair the seat should be of such a height that the knee joint forms a right angle when the feet are resting on the floor. The back of the chair should conform to the shape of the spine and be firm enough to support the spine. Practice sitting down and rising up in one flowing movement, rather than in a series of awkward jerks; keep the top half or your body straight & lower yourself slowly in to the chair. Reaching upwards should also be a movement of the whole body, keeping your back straightly, keep your stomach in and your trunk pushed deep in to the chair. Reaching upwards should also be a movement of the whole body, keeping your back straight & your weight evenly balanced on the balls of the feet. Remember to keep all movements relaxed & flowing, not jerky & stiff. The exercise schedule to follow will do much to improve your posture

Regularly observe you gait & improve upon it. From time to time, study your walking posture in shop windows as you walk past them. Practice regularly to get a straight line of walk.

Over Weight

over weight person apart from looking unattractive, may face a number of other problems too.Being overweight can actually be due to some internal disease, most commonly this is hormonal diabetes, adrenal gland problems and abnormalities of the ovaries.People who are overweight have an increased chance of developing skin infections, especially fungal infections.High blood pressure & heart attacks are more frequent in the obese. So not only for looking good but also for feeling and being fit, it’s necessary for you to lose excess weight.

Body Odour

Every region of the human body has a different odour some times the odour is so distinctive so as to allow immediate identification of its origin. For instance, scalp & feet odors are easily recognized.There are three important factors increasing odours in your body: The pattern & type of secretory glands of the skin surface.The positioning of the skin itself. The armpits for example make it very difficult for sweat to evaporate and so produce a characteristic odor.The concentration of bacteria; the skins surface provides nutrients for the growth of bacteria. The number of bacteria are variable in different parts of the body being maximum in parts like the scalp, axilla, genital areas & the feet.

There are three types of secretary glands on the skin. Sweat glands are most widely spread. Some two to three million such glands are present in the skin. The most important function of the sweat glands is temperature regulation. The brain, depending on the temperature of the blood which is bathing the brain, controls the activity of the sweat glands. The average person loses at least half a liter of sweat everyday, though this figure can rise to something like two liters during physical exercise in hot conditions. Sweat glands also respond to emotional stimuli. Anxious people perspire more than others do.Sweat has a slightly acrid smell but this is not particularly heavy in most areas. Because sweat provides little in the way of food to the bacteria to thrive. Areas like feet pose a problem because socks & shoes trap the sweat. The heavy odor associated with the armpits is partly because the sweat can not evaporate easily and also because there are two other glands the apocrine glands & the sebaceous glands at work in this area.