Causes of Diabetes and Herbal Treatment for Diabetes

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder which takes place because of moderate or poor sugar metabolism. Insulin hormone which is created by pancreas is in charge of sugar metabolism. Deficiency of insulin and insulin resistance are the significant causes of diabetes. Sugar is supplemented after digestion to blood and afterward insulin carries sugar from blood to cells where it is utilized for creating energy. Insulin resistance keeps sugar from getting absorbed in cells which brings its level up in blood; absence of insulin additionally brings level of sugar up in blood. Diabetes happened because of insulin resistance is the most well-known type of diabetes and is referred as type 2. Diabetes is for life and it cannot be rooted out of body once it settles in but keeping up healthy sugar levels is the only treatment for it. Higher sugar utilization is one of the common causes of diabetes.

Higher sugar utilization empowers pancreas to create more insulin and too much demand of insulin drains its quality and causes insulin resistance. Harm caused to pancreas is another well-known cause of diabetes. The cells present in pancreas are in charge of creating insulin and any harm caused to these glands decreases insulin the level and causes diabetes. Blood transfusion through surgeries can also start diabetes even in healthy people but doctors these days suggest patient to contribute his or her own blood before surgery to maintain a strategic distance from contact with other individual’s blood to avert diabetes. Diet containing too much starch and simple carbs is also in charge for raising blood sugar levels. When blood has lesser level of insulin, it permits blood sugar level to become high and on regular occurrence causes type-2 or insulin resistant diabetes.

Getting old is natural cause of various disorders and diabetes is one of them. It is suggested that people above age of 40 years shall get their sugar level checked on regular basis. Obesity is also one of the causes of diabetes. People leading lethargic way of life because of sitting jobs, not exercising regularly or staying in bed because of ailment or poor health also have high chances of suffering with diabetes. Uncontrolled high blood pressure is one of the commonest causes of diabetes. People bear with abnormal immune system functions which attack healthy cells of body and kill them at fast pace. This disorder can affect pancreas health and cause diabetes by decreasing insulin production. Diabetes has hereditary propensity. This disease can be passed hereditarily and people having one of the parents bearing with this disorder can get affected at anytime of life.

Herbo Diabecon capsules are extremely useful and trusted herbal remedies for diabetes. These capsules possess herbs which are hypoglycemic in nature. Hypoglycemic herbs drop down blood sugar levels and protect health from their damaging effects. This herbal treatment for diabetes possesses particular property to create beta cells in pancreas. These cells are in charge of creating insulin and shortage of these cells or harm caused to beta cells is primarily responsible for decreasing insulin level or depleting its quality to cause diabetes. By creating beta cells, Herbo Diabecon capsules increment quality and quantity of insulin to lower blood sugar levels, create energy and protect health from type-1 and type-2 diabetes.