Get Rid of Depression & Anxiety
One of the causes of digestive disorders that leads to constipation which results piles as depression. Who gets depressed? Anyone can but twice as many women as men do, Pregnant women who’ve just had a baby, Post menopausal women & Women with a pill. Any one can, according to modern medical science, however often the cause of depression is not psychological but it is physical a nutritional deficiency.

However for a woman and for millions of others there is no running away from depression. Serious depression. Not just a day of the blues. But weeks, perhaps months of symptoms like these. You hate yourself and everyone else you speak hesitantly in a dull monotone. You can’t concentrate or make decisions. Sex is a chore, headaches are frequent sleep is restless and during the day you move like a sloth. You feel frustrated, trapped hopeless and when you think of suicide (which is often) it’s with relief.

Most depressed patients have low blood sugar, low blood sugar is the most common cause of depression, though it is not commonly diagnosed. A lot of depressed women don’t eat well. A good diet has to be the foundation of the nutritional treatment of depression and poor diet can make depression worse. Psychiatric patients pay a heavy penalty for excessive use of coffee which is associated with severe mental and emotional disturbances. Heavy coffee drinkers score higher on tests for anxiety and depression and are more likely to have a disturbance diagnoses as psychotic.
Drugs either prescribe by a physician or taken independently, often are responsible for the development of depression the aggravation of a pre-existing depression or the production of depression like symptoms such as sedation, apathy and lethargy.

Drugs my cause depression in the young as well as in the elderly. A low-grade depression may occur in people who do not face up to their anger and turn it inward instead. Low-grade depression is found more often in women than in men. Some women may feel powerless at times but instead of getting mad they get depressed. As results they may constantly feel tired of have a chronic “headache” people must retrain themselves to accept anger as a normal emotion and deal with it accordingly. Expressing anger is necessary for good health. Anger is a normal emotion that is a result of our genetics, up bringing and cultural patterns. The biggest problem we face is learning how it discharge it in a manner that is both acceptable in society and healthy for the self.

Housewife, strangely enough, may be one of the most dangerous occupations. People with a depression response to life who react to stress with feelings of despair and who habitually deny and repress their emotions appear to have a greater risk of cancer depression can upset the body’s hormone system and this might adversely affect the immune system, guards the body against cancer as well as other disease. People often dwell too much on the routine aspects of their lives and over look the importance of having fun. Having fun is intrinsic to our well-being. No one goes from one joyous moment to another in life. It is perfectly natural to feel unhappy with ourselves at times. Underneath it, we all know that basically we are loved, respected understood and needs by others.

Any way, if you need help we are here to help you out, in natural way you can over come you emotional problems. Some times if needed we will give you herbal treatments rejuvenators to pep you up. Be cheerful the depression will go away itself.

BRANOLE-X “Memory Booster” is Natural herbal formulation to increase mental ability an excellent brain tonic improves leaning and restores memory BRANOLE-X is a Herbal Capsule & has ingredients which are useful in the intellect and intelligence improvement out of various brain functions to it’s Anti-Oxidant properties. It strengthen and improves the memory and removes the mental exhaustion. This is a brain tonic for all.

Branole-X Capsules Helps to:

  • Helps to Improve concentration and memory
  • Promotes brain function and improves leaving ability
  • Helpful in mental and physical stress
  • Useful in controlling anger, fear, hopelessness and other emotions
  • Maintains co-ordination between mind and body
  • Helps in relieving tension & anxiety
  • Promotes your energy levels
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“BRANOLE-X” Herbal Capsule prepared with selected herbs and in the light of modern research, arouses and enhances the power and the capacity of brain. This is ideal for those who do mental work and physical labour, for instance, teachers, students, lawyers, engineers, doctors, accountants, intellectuals and sport persons. It is a very useful and unique capsule for brain as it is a compound of the natural herbs recommended after modern research.

“BRANOLE-X” is a herbal capsule that has been called for its effectiveness in raising the total mental make up of a human being. No doubt “BRANOLE-X” is the most excellent natural source available for increasing the mental performance and enhancing the brain skills.


Centella Asiatica
100 mg
Withania Somnifera
50 mg
Acorus Calamus
37.50 mg
Santalum Album
25 mg
Glycyrrhiza Glabra
12.50 mg
Evolvulus Alsinoides
25 mg

Dosage – One capsule in morning & one capsule in evening with water.

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