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Women’s sexuality is now openly discussed and portrayed on television, in magazines, and on the internet. Most importantly, women themselves are becoming increasingly aware of their sexuality and their sexual health. Women of all ages are learning more about their sexuality.

Understanding Female Sexual Dysfunction

What is “sexuality”? For a woman, as for a man, sexuality encompasses a very broad range of physical activities and psychological experiences. These activities fulfill an important physical and emotional need for closeness and intimacy. Sexuality doesn’t include just your sexual practices. Your feelings about yourself, how you relate to others, and about sex and previous sexual experiences are part of your sexual makeup. Your feelings about your partner and your relationship definitely affect your sexual satisfaction.

Women’s interest in sex and responses to sexual stimulation vary widely. Although most women’s sexual responsiveness peaks in the late 30s and early 40s, a woman can have satisfying sexual experiences throughout her life. The quality of her experiences is affected by individual differences, by life situation, by age and hormonal levels, and by overall health and well-being.

To understand why sexual problems occur, it is important to understand the sexual response cycle. This cycle is the same in both men and women, although at different rates and, obviously, with different physical changes. The cycle has 4 steps.

Desire (excitement phase) – Desire is a sexual “charge” that increases interest in and responsiveness to sexual activity. You feel “in the mood.” Your heartbeat and breathing quicken, and your skin becomes reddened (flushes).

Arousal (plateau phase) – Sexual stimulation–touch, vision, hearing, taste, smell, or imagination–brings about further physical changes. Fluids are secreted within the vagina, moistening the vagina, labia, and vulva. These fluids provide lubrication for intercourse. The vagina expands, and the clitoris enlarges. The nipples become hardened or erect.

Orgasm (climax) – At the peak of arousal, the muscles surrounding the vagina contract rhythmically, causing a pleasurable sensation. This is often referred to as the sexual climax.

Resolution – The vagina, clitoris, and surrounding areas return to their unaroused states. You feel content, relaxed, possibly sleepy.

Painful Sexual Intercourse

As per our observation, painful sexual intercourse leading to vaginismus is the most common sexual problem. This is known as dyspareunia. Most often, when the woman is not properly aroused (lubricated) and if the man makes an attempt to enter, it leads to irritation & pain is always present at the time of intercourse then it could because of hymeneal obstruction, urethral disorders or congenital malformation of the ullva or vagina. It could also occur following post-operative scars & atrophic vulvo vaginitis. If the pain is present occasionally. Then one may look for some local infection or allergy. Deep thrust dyspareunia could be because of pelvic congestion, inflammatory disease of the pelvis, certain ovarian pathologies, or vaginal reconstruction surgery.Many men use their partners simply as sleeping pills. These men, after they reach orgasm, do not bother about partner satisfaction, then she is left halfway. There will be a lot of congestion in the pelvic region and if this is not released she may get a lingering pain in the lower abdomen or a constant low backache.


This is a disease of woman which some times ruins their health mentally & physically. In this disease a type of liquid starts coming out of vagina regularly. Normally their wetting of vagina is not a disease. Some lubricative fluid is there. But, if the discharge is in excess and continues to wet the undergarments leaving stains on it, then this should be examined. In leucorrhoea the vaginal discharge can be as a fluid as water and also thick & yellowish. There will also be some bad odour and due to the excessive discharge there may be itching in her vagina. Because of increased itching, vagina may also get swollen. When this disease becomes chronic the woman may come to suffer from general weakness, forget-fullness, pain in her waist, paleness on her face etc. Gradually she grows weaker & may find herself unable to produce children. Even though most vaginal infections are not life threatening, but they should be treated promptly. Left untreated, some can cause major complications because the infections are sexually transmissible. Your partner should be treated too, even if he has no symptoms; he can reinfect you. And it is, unfortunately possible to get more than one kind of infection at a time.

Frigidity in Women

A distraction,disturbed inter personal relationship, anti hypertensive drugs, tranquilizers, sedatives, hypnotics & some times oral contraceptives can all lead to decline in sexual desire. Any pain at the time of coitus, whether it is vaginites, pelvic infection or different uterine position may lead to frigidity of sudden on set.

Leucorrhoea Herbal Treatment

Main Features of Lady Care Capsules Are:
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  • Leucorrhea
  • Abnormal vaginal discharge
  • Irregular Menstruation
  • Vaginal Irritation
  • Itching around the outside of the vagina
  • White Discharge , Yellow Discharge
  • Urinary Tract Infection
  • Well balanced combination of pure herbs.
  • has stimulatory action on endometrial wall.
  • Improves Uterine Circulation.
  • Astringent action on mucus membrane of genital tract controls leucorrhoea and maintains normal vaginal pH.
  • Improves general health and relieves associated symptoms.
  • Re-strengthens the reproductive tissues thus restores their vitality.
  • Provide anti-inflammatory activity and reduces the risk of PIDS.
  • Is the best treatment for light yellow and white discharge and remove odour of Vagina.

Leucorrhea is simply defined as a whitish discharge from the female vaginal tract. The discharge could be a smooth flow, or it could be sticky and lumpy. In most women, the nature of the discharge changes as their age advances or if they travel a lot. Vaginal discharge is quite a normal and healthy phenomenon in females to an extent. The discharge is actually a fluid form of all the worn out and dead cells in the vaginal tract, along with other toxic materials that are eliminated continuously from the vagina. In a healthy woman, such discharges are whitish in color. But if the discharge darkens in color, then it requires medical attention.

Though shwetapradara literally means ‘white discharge’, the medical condition refers to the serious condition where there is some abnormality in the manner of the discharge. The following are the situations when shwetapradara needs to be treated:-

  • The discharge is very profuse and is difficult to stop even with sanitary pads.
  • The discharge is not pure white, but is Grey-white, yellow or green, brown or rusty in color.
  • There is an itching sensation in the vagina following the discharge.

Causes of Leucorrhoea

There are a variety of reasons due to which leucorrhea can occur in women. The following are some of the well-known causes:-

(i) Fungal infection A fungus, much like the yeast, can cause infection of the vaginal tract, leading to leucorrhea. When the woman is infected by a fungus, then the discharge is in thick and white accompanied by an itching sensation. This kind of discharge is called as a vaginal thrush.

(ii) Sexually transmitted diseases – Some sexually transmitted diseases can cause leucorrhea in women. The most popular of such sexually transmitted diseases is trichomoniasis. Such discharges are greenish or yellow.

(iii) Unhygienic toilet habits – Sharing toilet articles, especially in public toilets, can cause an infection of the vagina, resulting into leucorrhea. This is also observed by personal forgetfulness such as forgetting to remove a tampon or diaphragm. Women who rely a lot on vaginal medications are often victims of leucorrhea.

(iv) Cervical problems – Two kinds of problems with the cervix, the cervical erosion and the cervical polyp, can cause leucorrhea. Such leucorrhea is generally more profuse following sexual intercourse. The discharge is brown and resembles congealed blood.

(v) Pelvic inflammatory disease – Problems with the pelvis, such as the pelvic inflammatory disease can cause leucorrhea. The pelvis can get inflamed due to an infection.

(vi) Disease conditions – Women who suffer from diseases such as tuberculosis or anemia may have heavy discharges from their vaginas. This is observed more commonly in women who have poor resistance to diseases and live on a frugal diet.

(vii) Stress and tensions – At least some part of leucorrhea might be psychosomatic. Women who live under severe stress and worries develop leucorrhea.

Kapha dosha is the humor that maintains the proper balance of the fluid contents in the body with respect of the atmospheric balance outside. Vitiation in the kapha dosha may cause fluids from the human body to seep into the outside world. This is exactly what happens in shwetapradara. Hence, it can be clearly seen why Ayurveda labels shwetapradara or leucorrhea as a kapha dosha disorder.

Main Herbal Combinations Used In LADY CARE Herbal Capsule Are:

Chhali25 mg
Konch37.50 mg
Mazoo37.50 mg
Tukhm-Tamar Hindi12.50 mg
Chuniya Gond12.50 mg
Kushta Baizamurgh50 mg
Kushta Qalai45 mg
Satawar12.50 mg
Gokhru15 mg


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