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Gold Ash Powder


Gold is not just a metal for Making Jewelry, but it is beneficial for the development of our body. It also protects our body from different kind of diseases. Gold originated from the virya (potency, semen) of fire. It is of five types.

  • Natural
  • combination with other metals
  • obtained from fire or volcanic eruptions
  • Gold prepared by transmutation of mercury
  • Gold obtained from the mines of mountains

Gold ash powder is made from pure gold. It is not made from volcanic ash or sea salt or crushed rock. Gold ash powder is a unique formulation of pure gold and pure mercury developed by our researchers based on pure Herbal method.

Preparation of gold bhasma

penis enlargement, premature ejaculation, impotencePurified mercury and purified gold, taken in equal quantities, should be triturated in a mortar and make to a bolus. Equal quantity of sulphar should be placed below and above to this bolus and it should be wrapped on all sides. With thirty cow-dung cakes collected from the forest, it should bo cooked in puta. This process should be repeated for fourteen times. By doing so, gold becomes niruttha (which cannot be retrieved). for every put fresh quantity of sulphar ahould be added repeatedly.This gold ash , is a long and arduous process. The finished product, a special remedy and thousands of patients worldwide, strengthen and preserve physical and psychic health, improve well-being and harmony, and help to reverse the mental and physical effects of aging.

Six different metals, gold, silver, mercury, copper and zinc are going to be melted several times. During each melting course the slag will be removed. This procedure lasts at least one month and each metal will be melted up to 108 times before it is considered absolutely pure in an alchemistic sense. Especially the treatment of mercury is very difficult, as it usually evaporates when it gets heated up. Through special alchimistic processes, it is possible to transform mercury into a solid form. The monks in the mountains of the Shan State carry out the melting procedure. After that, U Shein himself tests again all the different metals. Then the metals are melted and mixed up altogether and then filled in a glazed clay pot, together with crushed apples, pineapples, peeled oranges, grapes and honey. This mixture will be alternately (for twenty years!) diged in for one year and then diged up for one year.


Gold ash powder promotes longevity, maintains youth memory. It cures serious types of fever, particularly chronic fever, nervous disorders, heart disease, tuberculosis, affliction of voice, chizophrenia, epilepsy, hysteria, orchitis, bronchitis, asthma, chronic, diarrhea, sprue, serious type of anemia and cancer.

Description of gold ash power properties

The gold ash powder is a sweet in taste and this emerges after digestion and during metabolism. It is aphrodisiac, cardiac tonic, promoter of eye-sight as well as intellect and rejuvenating. It counteracts the toxic poisons. it promotes the complexion of the skin. Gold ash powder is cooling in potency and sweet as well as astringent in taste. it is lekhana (which scrapes out tissues), rasayana (cause rejuvenation), brmhana (causing nourishment of tissues), promoter of complexion and heavy. It cures consumption, fever and poisoning. It promotes complexion, strength, and span of life, happiness, luster and intellect.Gold ash powder is bitter, astringent and sweet in taste. it prevents ageing process. It exceedingly promotes complexion, intellect and strength. it promotes eye-sight and it is cardio- tonic. It cures fever, produces cleanliness and helps in making perfect speech. Gold ash powder promotes longevity and cures wrinkling of the skin quickly, serious type of meha (obstinate urinary disorder including diabetes), consumption, insanity and phthisis. it produces happiness and nourishes the tissues. Gold ash powder promotes longevity, auspiciousness, progeny, intellect and memory. It cures all disease and bestows virtues. It cures affliction by evil sprits and promotes virility as well as nourishment of tissues.

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