Nature cure or naturopathy is not new to the world. In different times, every civilization has used naturopathy to cure ailments, disorders & diseases. And all the forms of alternate systems of medicine derived their growth from naturopathy. However, it has developed into a regular science during the last into a regular science during the last two hundred years, and now thousands of people in many countries are being benefited by it. Foremost Indian freedom fighter and the father of “Satyagrah” or peaceful agitation Mahatma Gandhi has given a great fillip to nature cure by his valuable experiments and frequent and authenticated writings on the subject. Creditable enough, nature helps where every thing else fails. Moreover, it is being universally known by now that allopathy medicines have their harmful after effects, and also loses their efficacy after sometimes. The mother nature, however, does not harm her children anyway when they come closer to her. That is the best part of Naturopathy; it does not have a side effect whatsoever.

The healing power of nature:

Any person suffering from a disease wants to rid himself of the malady and it is as it should be. The desire to fight disease is at the root of the different systems of medicine, which promise cures. But, one find that people use drugs and medicine rather indiscriminately without regard to their deleterious effects. Cures may suppress the symptoms of disease at the cost of permanent injury to the human body. The sick have a tendency to try one drug after the other in their eagerness to regain lost health.

All acute diseases, take coryza or common cold for example, have their own course to run, regardless of medication. But a wrong remedy often administered, turn the acute in to the chronic. A common cold will generally run its course, the adage “if you take something for it then it will last almost a week, otherwise, it continues for seven days”, is still true. A wound will heal itself ; you will only have to keep it clean. And a broken none will knit of itself, if just kept immobilized for a certain period. Pathetically, only a few know that it is the vital force of the body which, helps in quick healing. It is these recuperative powers of the body, which must be taken into account by physicians and by the patients themselves. Medication must be dovetailed with the vital force of the body. Any drug administered in disregard of this basic principle is likely to further complicate matters instead of providing relief.

Practitioner of naturopathy who prescribe fasting, the right food, hydropathy and other instruments of naturopathy, know that some patients on the road to recovery suddenly fall victim to an acute disease. That is nothing but aggravation of the malady, even its form is a little different. The comprehensive treatment prescribed by the naturopath would some times produce rashes or boils on the skin. There is nothing to worry about. If the course of treatment is continued, they automatically disappear and the patient feels healthier than he did before this onset of the disease. It only means that the body reacts to the course of treatment by the trying to expel the morbid matter. The expulsion of the morbid matter sometimes creates aggravations.

When the natural diet i.e. water, sunlight, fruits and vegetables are prescribed to deal with an ailment, it helps the body to expel the morbid matter from the various orifices. When the amount of morbid matter in the body is too much for the orifices to expel, it may ooze out of parts not meant for the expulsion of waste mater. This is the healing aggravation referred above.

The naturopaths are not discouraged if the process of healing is prolonged because they know that the healing aggravation would intercede and quicken the pace of healing. They never interfere with the aggravation through the medium of drugs.

A running nose in coryza is natural process of expulsion of morbid matter. It would continue and leave the body healthy if it is not interfered by administration of drugs, but if it is; it would merely add to the number of people chronically suffering from the malady.

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