Penile Abnormality

Penile abnormalities become more common, mainly in order to congenital malformations, are summarized as follows:

1. Phimosis normal man’s penis skin is thinner, the skin near the penis head, double folded inward against, follow-up on the penis, called the foreskin. If the foreskin mouth is small, compact package glans foreskin can not be flipped up when the exposed glans is called phimosis.
2. Department of concealed penis is fat, too much pubic bone, but attached to the skin under the penis, resulting in the Ministry of the penis hidden in the pubic skin. The disease may also merge head type penis epispadias, this time across the dorsal penile skin to reach the penis urethral groove.
3. Penoscrotal transposition also known as the penis before the scrotum. Is the scrotum to the penis in front of a long, complicated with other severe malformations many can not survive, so the clinical rare. Complete scrotal transposition is rare; some of penoscrotal transpositions are often accompanied by hypospadias.

Peyronie’s Disease

Peyronie’s Disease is acquired in adult life rather than at birth (like hypospadias). It is caused by the formation of hard plaque on one on the upper or lower side of the penis in layers containing erectile tissue. The local inflammation eventually develops into a full scar. This scar tissue is hard and inflexible, and causes the penis to bend when erect. The effects of this bend are far less noticeable when the penis is in a flaccid state.


Hypospadias are the most common penis abnormality (1 in 300) and result from a failure of male urogenital folds to fuse in various regions, the normal process is described as virilization of the external genitalia. This in turn leads to resulting in a proximally displaced urethral meatus or opening. The cause is unknown, but suggested to involve many factors either indivdually or in combination including: familial inheritance, low birth weight, assisted reproductive technology, advanced maternal age, paternal subfertility and endocrine-disrupting chemicals. Infants with hypospadias should not undergo circumcision.


Priapism is an involuntary prolonged or painful erection that can persist for hours, days and is not associated with sexual arousal. It can occur at any age and is a true emergency with risks of subsequent impotency. Primary priapism is the result of trauma or infection. Secondary causes include sickle cell disease, spinal cord injury and stroke. Various medications can also contribute to this condition.


Phimosis refers to a tightening of the skin of the foreskin that prevents retraction over the glans. There are two typical forms of this tightness, an infant phimosis and the phimotic ring or band.

STD :-

Sexually transmitted disease or venereal disease may exist in any of the partners or in both of them. There should be complete & vigilant checking on the venereal diseases. These diseases are generally transmitted by the affected persons to another by way of intercourse. The prostitution is the main cause in spreading this disease to the man concerned, and from him, it is automatically transferred to the wife. Sexually transmitted diseases are very harmful & potend. This weakens the general health & sexual potency, as well as affects the process of intercourse. When the symptoms erupt, an immediate consultation & treatment is very essential.
Syphilis & gonorrhea are one of the two forms of STD and are very harmful & dangerous.


This is one of the most harmful disease & this spread through prostitutes & girls of bad character. The main symptom of this disease is that after a few days of intercourse with a prostitute a small boil appears on the penis & very soon it takes the shape of a wound. The first wound is very minor and if one is careless or delays the treatment, it will affect the on coming generations. According to the medical scientists, venereal poison remains active for several years in the body. In the first stage some boils come out on male organ. In the second stage some black spot appear on the body & copper colored boils come out which take the shape of wounds later on. In the third stage syphilis reaches bones & develops into ugly wounds such as lepers have. Even the germs affect brain also and lead to paralysis and at last the person pushed into the clutches of death. Therefore this disease should immediately be treated at the very out come of the symptoms.


This disease also occurs through the sexual contacts of women of bad character. After some days of intercourse, one feels burning sensational at the time of urination. This burning sensation & pain grow so much that the patient literally cries with pain & hesitates to urinate. Some days after, pus starts coming out from the penis, some times blood may also appear with the pus. When gonorrhea becomes chronic, the irritation decreases, but pus continues to come out. It affects the senses of a man, particularly the eye-sight. Therefore, if one notices any symptoms of this disease, it is essential to consult a doctor & to get a treatment.

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