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Retarded Ejaculation | Causes Of Delayed Ejaculation | Treatment


Those many men who have trouble getting and keeping their erections, or who shoot their load within a couple of minutes of starting sex may pray for their recalcitrant penis to stand up proud for hours at a time. But watch out if you happen to be one of them, for some men have been there and wish they could lose their erection. These are the men who are unable to ejaculate during intercourse no matter how hard their erection, and in some cases cannot ejaculate during any sexual activity with a partner present. This can cause huge frustration and embarrassment, so much so that they may wind up turned off sex altogether with their relationship crumbling around them.

And a relationship where a woman wants her man to ejaculate inside her as the climax of normal lovemaking , or where she wishes to enjoy “normal” intercourse (for which read intercourse that doesn’t last for upwards of thirty minutes), is obviously going to be impacted in some way by the man’s ejaculatory difficulties. In short, DE does often has a damaging effect on a couple’s relationship. Again, we’ll examine this in more detail elsewhere on the website.

If a man can reach orgasm and ejaculate during sex with himself (masturbation), you may think it odd he can’t do this with a sexual partner. We’ll look at the causes of delayed ejaculation (or “DE” for short) in a minute, and indeed discuss them in detail elsewhere on this website, but first of all, let me say that delayed or retarded ejaculation causes a lot of emotional distress, especially frustration, resentment, anxiety and loss of sexual self-confidence.

Retarded ejaculation is a frustrating and trying condition for both partners. But with some expert help – and a determination to persist with therapy – you can defeat it.


Major Benefits of PXXL Capsule

  • Increase libido and treat erectile dysfunction
  • Shorten recovery time for multiple episodes
  • Eliminate sexual weakness and weak erection
  • Improve strength, vigor and vitality
  • Increase blood flow to the reproductive organ
  • Cure premature ejaculation and increase staying power
  • Increases energy level, stamina and endurance

PXXL Capsule also improves sperm count and testosterone level to keep the attitude upbeat and avoid stress and depression. It provides essential nutrients which reduce anxiety levels and herbs that are helpful in strengthening and toning of muscles. Using PXXL Capsule as herbal remedy and better and communicative relationship with your partner can treat ED and rapid climax completely. Your sincere efforts with the help and support of your partner along with PXXL Capsule are sufficient enough to come out of this annoying condition.

PXXL capsule is all natural herbal erection enhancer that has been prepared specifically for the purpose of reducing the instances of premature ejaculation, weak erection and impotence and curing them altogether. It is safe for usage at all times, shows no adverse side effects towards the body or towards general health. It is uniquely formulated natural supplement keeping in mind the needs of men to improve power and stamina and also boost confidence.

PXXL Capsule is the product of choice for men who want a complete pleasurable experience with their partner. In fact, you will be surprised to know that this herbal capsule helps in regulating the process of ejaculation, so that you never have problems of rapid climax. With PXXL capsule, the desire and the duration of the lovemaking increases, and you almost feel like you never had a problem of weak erection, low libido or rapid climax. The sensation too simply becomes intense and better.

Helps increase vitality, stamina and endurance in men.

The nutritional needs of men and women are not the same?nor are some of their priorities. A major concern among many males?regardless of age?is the ability to maintain a peak performance whether it?s at the office, home or on the competitive playing field. Proper nutrition is key to staying in fit condition. Weight management is also a fundamental element to helping men feel more comfortable with where they are in life. But there are other steps men can take to help them feel on top of the game and perform at their best.

Main Herbal Combinations Used In PXXL Herbal Capsule

Ingredients quantity
Trigonella Foenum Graecum 37.50 mg
Foeniculum vulgare 37.50 mg
Withania Somnifera 37.50 mg
Asparagus racemosus 37.50 mg
Asparagus adscendens 25 mg
Viola Odorata 12.50 mg
Hordeum Vulgars 25 mg
Pueraria tuberose 25 mg
Nigella Sativa 12.50 mg

What are the common causes of erectile dysfunction? Can you please tell me natural erectile dysfunction treatment to cure this problem? I also feel general body weakness and fatigue.

Recent studies show that up to 50% of men suffer from ED at some time during their lives. This problem tends to develop 10-15 years earlier in diabetic men. Smoking cigarette is another common factor that contributes to ED. It aggravates atherosclerosis and thereby increases the risk for weak erection and impotence.Psychological factors such as depression, stress, anxiety, low self-esteem, guilt and fear of sexual failure may be responsible for ED. Patients with arteriosclerosis or essential hypertension increases the risk of developing impotence. Damage to the nerves in the pelvis and spinal cord can cause ED. Habit such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin and alcohol abuse contribute to weak erection. There are some medications that develop ED as a side effect.

Take PXXL capsules for at least 2-3 months consistently to cure ED and general debility. PXXL capsules are specially blended herbal composition fully targeted to cure weak erection, rapid climax and other sexual problem in men. PXXL is a natural aphrodisiac widely used to enhance energy level and staying power.

I am 24 years old. I have been masturbating since 8 years. When I tried to have sex with my girlfriend I cannot sustain erection for enough time. Can masturbation cause impotency? Please tell some herbal supplements, diet or exercise for this problem. Suggest effective natural and curable way.

Ayurveda has many useful herbs that are highly effective for the permanent cure of these problems. PXXL Capsule is the best herbal erectile dysfunction treatment to overcome the after effects of OM permanently. It helps to achieve rock hard erections and early preparation of male sex organ for repeated episodes. It is helpful for low libido, premature climax, chronic infections of urinary and reproductive tract and low sperm count. It helps to restore confidence in males and increases physical as well as sexual power. So we recommend a regular 2-3 months course of this supplement for satisfactory results. Take two capsules twice daily preferably with milk.

I have been suffering from premature ejaculation since 2 years. I am 26 at present and I used to masturbate when I was 20 years old. Now I am unable to get erection. Kindly suggest me any herbal supplement to cure this problem. I get nightfall once in a week or twice. Is this natural or not.

Premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction are common problems and majority of men suffer from this problem at least once in their life. Over masturbation (OM), chronic diseases, hormonal imbalance and chronic infections generally cause these problems. Other problems which may comes after long term of OM habit are penis curvature, thin and weak semen, pain after sex, nocturnal emissions, weakness and fatigue. Take PXXL Capsule to overcome the after effects of OM permanently. PXXL Capsule improves erection quality and cure nightfall and rapid climax. Both these herbal capsules are effective in treating lack of libido, low sperm count and help regain confidence in men and increase physical as well as sexual strength. So we recommend a regular 2-3 months course of these capsules for optimum results.

How can I increase my penis size, stamina and weakness of sperm? Please answer my question. I am very frustrated with my low libido and weak erection problem. I am unable to satisfy my girlfriend from the last two months. Can you tell me any herbal supplement for these problems?

We recommend you to take PXXL Capsule to increases erection strength, libido, duration of sex and attain powerful orgasm. Apply penis enlargement on the shaft of penis regularly twice a day to increase the size and enhance the duration and pleasure of lovemaking. You should use PXXL Capsule to increase the sperm count and quantity. It a good natural aphrodisiac that helps in strengthening the male hormones. So we recommend a regular 2-3 months course of all these herbal and safe products to get satisfactory results.

I am 29 year old male from NSW, Australia. How can I increase my libido and stamina permanently? I want to extend the duration of my lovemaking. I have been suffering from the problem of weak erection. Kindly suggest me some products which don’t have any side effects. Please reply.

PXXL Capsule ‘herbal erectile dysfunction treatment’ is a complete natural aphrodisiac and it is very effective in treating male low libido. PXXL Capsules are specially targeted herbal supplement for rapid climax and semen weakness. Both these supplements are non habit forming and are powerful sex booster. Regular use of these capsules for at least 2-3 month increase libido, maintain rock hard erections, increase duration of sex and give powerful orgasm.

Purchase PXXL Capsule with Confidence. Based on Scientific Clinical Research, it’s Guaranteed to Work.

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