Why Women are Prone to Constipation

Constipation is such a typical condition to the point that includes of the digestive system to break down and digest food efficiently. As a result, a person who suffers from this very uncomfortable condition experiences symptoms such as bad breath, stomach pains, bloating, difficulty in passing stools, and irritation around the anus.

There are certain foods that cause constipation. Whether constipation in infants, constipation in kids, constipation in females, or even constipation in dogs, these different food types trigger constipation and sometimes, it even worsen the condition. Some of the well known constipation causing food is those that have high fat levels as well as dairy products. These products inhibit the regular function of the metabolic system simply because they have components that are difficult to breakdown and digest.

While constipation can be acquired by everyone, research shows that it is the women who are more prone to being constipated as compared to men. The prevalence of the occurrence of this condition is said to be caused by a lot of different factors such as:

1. Pregnancy

One of the major causes of constipation in women is pregnancy. When a woman is expecting, her body is adjusting to both physical and hormonal changes that are occurring. When an infant is forming inside the wound, it affects the natural processes of the intestines as during this time, a woman’s digestive system works to provide nourishment both for the mother and the child.

2. Menstrual period

Likewise, a woman menstrual cycle can also be one of the biggest cases of constipation in women. During this time, the body experiences hormonal changes which in turn affect the metabolic function of the stomach and intestines.

3. Less active lifestyle

Research shows that women are less engaged in physical activities than men. In fact, most women do not play sports while some do not even exercise regularly. Their lack of physical activities can be considered as one of the causes of constipation in women as it does not promote a healthier and more efficient metabolic processes. Women who are stagnant develops slow metabolism which contributes to difficulty in food digestion and even to weight gain.

4. Unbalanced diet

Women are very conscious about their figures which are why most of them engage in an unhealthy diet. They stay away from food that they think will make them fat. Because of this, they begin to lack fiber in their systems. Lack of fiber is one of the biggest causes of constipation in women as it results to hardening of the stool which makes it very difficult to excrete.

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